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Statistics are most often revised for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. For certain statistics initial estimates are released with the expectation that these may be revised and updated as further data becomes available.
  2. Revisions may also be made when methods or systems are changed.

These types of planned revisions should not be confused with errors in released statistics, which are genuine mistakes. Such mistakes occur rarely and, when they do happen, corrections are made in a timely manner, announced and clearly explained to users in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (Principle 2, Practice 7).

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Correction See correction
We have corrected an error which affected annual ‘real’ (volume) growth estimates for 2019. This happened because of a processing error in the compilation of chained volume measures. The error affects all areas at the International Territorial Level (ITL) 3 and local authority levels, including city regions and enterprise regions, but does not affect areas at the ITL1 or ITL2 levels. Please contact for more information.
11 June 2021 10:37
xlsx (2.3 MB) Scheduled update/revision 26 May 2021 09:30
xlsx (2.2 MB) Scheduled update/revision 19 December 2019 09:30
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Correction See correction
A coding error resulted in the omission of Fife, and Perth and Kinross from the aggregation of Scottish Council areas used to construct estimates for city regions and enterprise regions. This has affected three areas: Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region; Tay Cities Region; and Scottish Enterprise. All years were affected and all published variables for these areas. The data have now been corrected to include the missing Councils. In addition, one main point for capital cities has been removed.
11 July 2019 16:10
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Correction See correction
When we first published this table we inadvertently omitted the North East Combined Authority. This has now been corrected in tables A1 to A4. We have corrected the data in table B4 to be calculated on unrounded data instead of on rounded data. We have updated the data in Tables A1, A4, B1 and B4 to correctly display to 1 decimal place as these were originally displayed as integer values. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
17 January 2019 09:38