Corrections and notices


31 January 2024

We have corrected an error whereby previously published data was omitted. Data was omitted in tables 4.3.8 and 4.3.11 for series FZOL, FZOO and FZRQ for years 1987-1996. Data was omitted in tables 4.3.8a and 4.3.11a for all series for years 1987-1993. No other data are impacted.

We have corrected an error in Table 12.8. The values for timber provisioning (FV5G) had been aggregated incorrectly so woodfuel was double counted. Table 12.6 has also been revised due to changes to the data provided by Forest Research for timber provisioning (FU2R).

We have corrected an error in the physical value of air pollution regulating (FV5K) in table 12.8. The previous version incorrectly excluded some physical removals due to errors in the aggregation of geographic areas. Total monetary values (annual and asset) are unaffected.

09 November 2023

We have corrected an inconsistency with Table 12.8. Unlike the rest of the timeseries, the 2022 value for Timber provisioning (FV5G) did not include woodfuel. We have removed the 2022 row to correct this and make the table consistent with the other UK Natural Capital Account tables (12.6 and 12.7).


31 October 2022

The detailed breakdowns for some datasets, consistent with our aggregated estimates, are currently unavailable. The affected series are listed on the following datasets: National Accounts at a glance, industrial analysis, non-financial corporations, financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions serving households, and national balance sheet. The detailed data will be published after further quality assurance is completed. A further notice will be provided in the next two weeks. Aggregated UK totals are not affected. For more information, please contact

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Datasets for each of the chapters in The Blue Book 2023 including the national accounts at a glance, financial and non-financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions serving households and summary supply and use tables.

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