27 September 2022

We have corrected an error in our estimates of Public sector net borrowing in the financial year ending (FYE) 2021 in Table 8.

The previous version contained incorrect data for the FYE 2021 for Local Government. The incorrect amount for Local Government net borrowing was a surplus of £0.9 billion. It should have been a surplus of £2.4 billion. Public sector net borrowing (excluding Public Sector Banks) was therefore overstated by £1.5 billion (or 0.5%) in this period: PSNB ex was previously reported as £314.3 billion, but has now been corrected to £312.8 billion. No other time periods were affected.

The public sector data for the FYE 2021 presented in Table 14 have also been corrected. In addition, the amounts for the FYE 2021 in Figure 1, Figure 5 and Figure 6 have been corrected. No other time periods were affected.

This happened because of a data processing error. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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  • Release date:
    22 November 2022
  • Next release:
    21 December 2022

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Public sector finances analytical tables (PSAT) showing transactions related to borrowing by sub-sector. Total Managed Expenditure (TME) is also provided.

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