Corrections and notices


14 April 2021

We have corrected an error in Table 5. The previous version presented total figures for the whole economy rather than the market sector only.

In addition, we have improved the deflators used for constant price estimates of Training, Total Tangible/Intangible Assets, and Total Capitalised/Uncapitalised Intangible Assets. As a result, the percentages in the first two Main Points have changed by 0.1 percentage points.


07 April 2021

This file has been updated due to a previous version containing a column of percentage calculations in one of the tables that were for our own internal checks and should not have been included. The data have not been affected.

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    07 April 2021
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Experimental estimates of investment in a broad set of intangible assets from 1992 to 2018, in current and constant prices.

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