Taking part in Census 2021

It's important you take part in the census. The information we collect helps to decide where to spend public money and plan services.

You can visit our dedicated Census 2021 website to find out all you need to know about filling in your census questionnaire. We’ll be adding more information to the website in the run-up to the census.

Local authority and community partners

If you’re from a local authority or community group and want to support communities in your area with the census, we’d really appreciate your help. There are lots of things you could do – from raising awareness to sharing information and helping people with the questionnaire.

Please visit our Census 2021 website to find out more about how you can help.

Census 2021 and our other studies and surveys

The Office for National Statistics is currently carrying out a lot of important work across England and Wales. This means you might be contacted by us more than once. We are carrying out Census 2021, the Census Coverage Survey, the Census Quality Survey and the Coronavirus Infection Survey (CIS), as well as our ongoing business surveys and range of studies about people, families and households. You can find out more here.

No-one working on Census 2021 or our other studies and surveys will ever ask you for your bank details or ask for money for taking part. Our staff will carry identification, will follow social-distancing guidelines, and will not enter your house - except for staff taking a blood sample for the CIS, which will have been organised in advance.

By taking part in both Census 2021 and our other studies, you help us build a clear picture of life and the economy in the UK.