The questions and response options for Census 2021 are included in the Census Regulations for England and for Wales (for more information see our legislation and policy page). Census 2021 is online-first and so paper forms are considered a secondary mode of completion.

You can find more details about how we developed the paper and electronic questionnaires in the question and questionnaire development overview for Census 2021 report and our question development reports which we will be publishing throughout 2020.

These are the paper questionnaires for Census 2021 for England and Wales:

Household Questionnaires

2021 England – Household
2021 Wales – Household
2021 Cymru - Holiadur y Cartref

Individual questionnaires

2021 England - Individual
2021 Wales - Individual
2021 Welsh - Individual

Communal establishment questionnaires

2021 England - Communal establishment manager
2021 Wales - Communal establishment manager
2021 Welsh - Communal establishment manager