Initial View on 2021 Census Output Content Design

From 28 February to 23 May 2018, we invited views on our Initial View on 2021 Census Output Content Design. This consultation outlined our initial proposed design of 2021 Census outputs and the dissemination channels for England and Wales.

This consultation was our first step towards understanding what you need from 2021 Census outputs, including specialist products.

Thank you to everyone who gave us their view by responding to the consultation.

This report, published on 18 December 2018, presents Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) full response to the consultation.

Anyone could take part in the consultation and the resulting feedback is being used to help us prioritise our future research and development of 2021 Census outputs.

Our response contains a short report, setting out the key findings and our response to this feedback. We have also included a longer report, which contains an overview of the evaluation process we used to assess the responses and summarises the results of our evaluation.

We have also included a copy of every response we received to the consultation. The views expressed in each response are those of the respondent and not necessarily ONS’s view. Where a respondent had not given permission to publish their name or the name of their organisation, their response is marked as “anonymous”.

Previously, on 15 August 2018, we published a short update on the responses received in the consultation.

2021 Census outputs roadshow slides – spring 2018

We’ve published all the slides (in a single pack) from our 2021 Census outputs roadshows held in April and May 2018. At the roadshows, we updated users on our initial proposed design of 2021 Census outputs and the dissemination channels for England and Wales. The events took place in Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and London. The slide subjects and order are:

  • opening slides, including information on the agenda and our vision for 2021 Census outputs

  • initial view on 2021 Census output content design – public consultation

  • flexible dissemination system

  • enhanced census outputs

  • closing slides are also available and include information on the next steps

Also included in the pack are the posters from the event giving updates on:

  • microdata

  • origin destination

  • National Statistics accreditation

  • statistical disclosure control

  • geography