Please note: the Beyond 2011 programme closed in January 2015. The Census Transformation Programme (CTP) is developing the 2021 Census.

It is important for Office for National Statistics (ONS) to plan and explain how we maintain the confidentiality of personal information and for these plans to be assessed to ensure their integrity and transparency. The census undertakings state that census personal information will be used solely for statistical purposes and treated in strict confidence.

The following assessment is the first of a series that will be carried out throughout the various phases of the 2021 Census programme to ensure that these undertakings are met.

The Census and Future Provision of Population Statistics in England and Wales: Initial Privacy Impact Assessment

This privacy impact assessment (PIA) was published to demonstrate the steps that have been taken by the Beyond 2011 Programme (now the Census Transformation Programme) to safeguard confidentiality. The report is designed to demonstrate compliance with our legal obligations and ethical standards, as well as our ongoing commitment to transparency. The preparation of this document takes account of guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office and the advice of privacy advocates, stakeholders and users.

This initial report covers the first phase of the programme and will be updated to take account of ongoing research, emerging plans and changing requirements.

Download the Privacy Impact Assessment (690 Kb PDF)

Feedback on this initial PIA is welcome. Please email ideas, advice and comments that may inform future work and privacy considerations.