Details of other issues that affected the quality of the 2001 Census data, including unprocessed forms and the impact of statistical disclosure control methods.

  • 2004 Local Authority, Westminster and Manchester studies

    ONS carried out a series of studies designed to improve population estimates in the areas that proved hardest to count in the 2001 Census in England and Wales. ONS concluded that better estimates of the population could be made in 15 areas; Manchester and Westminster were the authorities with the largest changes with much smaller revisions to another 13 LAs.

  • Variability in Origin-Destination counts

    Details of the effect of disclosure control on the origin-destination statistics

  • Unprocessed forms

    Estimation of people and households missed because of unprocessed forms

  • Census Quality Survey (Rehearsal)

    Report on the results of the Census Quality Survey conducted as part of the 2001 Census rehearsal

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