Census results are available on a range of media. All important figures, in summary or in full, are online to view or download. A selection are available in printed reports often including CDs with supplementary results and software to view and manipulate.

CDs and DVDs are used either for quick reference or for further analysis, including software for viewing and manipulation, or without software for delivery of large files for use in users' own systems.

Results online

For each product available in full or in part online the description in the product catalogue contains links to the website that can be visited to view or download the results.

In general, the ONS used one of three websites to publish 2001 Census results - choosing the website which best suited the size and type of data contained in each release or product.


The ONS website provides a complete range of downloadable PDF copies of 2001 Census printed reports, many accompanied by downloadable Excel datasets. Other additional profile style data is also available on the ONS website.

Neighbourhood Statistics

Neighbourhood Statistics provides comprehensive summary results in the form of Key Statistics and Univariate tables that cover all Census topics. You can select data for specific topics or named places, or locate results using postcode search or through interactive maps. The maps are also an accessible way of seeing the boundaries of areas used in 2001 Census output on large scale topographic bases.


The official home for labour market statistics also provides online access to results from the Census on all topics. Complementing the data available on Neighbourhood Statistics, Nomis provides the most detailed cross-tabulations which show inter relationships between characteristics of populations, with maps of areas used in 2001 Census output and other supporting information.

Other media

Printed reports

All 2001 Census printed reports, which were laid before Parliament are available in print from the Stationary Office, often containing supplementary CDs.