A census questionnaire was issued to each household in England and Wales. An additional question on the Welsh language was asked on the bilingual Welsh/English questionnaire in Wales.

There were also individual questionnaires in England and Wales. These were for people who were in communal establishments such as residential homes for older people, or who were in a household but wanted their own personal form.

The individual questionnaires did not have questions about the household or housing, but there was a form that collected information about each communal establishment.

The 2001 Census questionnaires were designed for self completion. There was guidance on the forms on how to complete them, and assurances on confidentiality. Help was given by field staff to people who had difficulty filling in the forms.

The household questionnaires had a section for listing of household members, and 10 questions about housing. There was a section on the relationship of the household members to one another, and up to 35 questions for each household member, plus the extra question on Welsh language in Wales.

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