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  • UK trade in goods by classification of product by activity time series

    Dataset | Dataset ID: MQ10 | Released on 14 September 2018

    Quarterly and annual times series of the value of UK imports and exports of goods grouped by product. Goods are attributed to the activity of which they are the principal products.

    Keywords: exports, imports, CPA, MQ10

  • Patterns of Northern Ireland trade by destination, product and business characteristics

    Dataset | Released on 13 August 2018

    Data and charts used in the Patterns of Northern Ireland trade by destination, product and business characteristics: 2012 to 2016 publication.

    Keywords: intensive margin, extensive margin, Northern Irish exports, supply chain, trade in goods

  • International trade in services by country

    Dataset | Released on 16 July 2018

    Quarterly estimates of trade in services by country and continent, EU and EFTA, and non-EU.

    Keywords: Trade, Imports, Exports, Services, Country

  • International Trade in Services

    Dataset | Released on 31 January 2018

    The tables show International Trade in Services through a variety of formats. Some tables compare figures over several years but the majority provide the most recent geographic information by industry or product. The tables provide information in as much detail as possible without disclosing the details of any individual companies.

    Keywords: exports,imports,ITIS,geographical

  • Service exports by destination and industry, NUTS1 areas, Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 11 July 2017

    Table provides information on continent and country groupings, service exports by Commonwealth status, service exports by continent and country of destination as well as industry for NUTS1 areas in Great Britain in 2015.

    Keywords: SIC 2007, GORs, government office regions, Commonwealth, international trade

  • Regionalised estimates of UK service exports

    Dataset | Released on 11 May 2017

    The value of UK service exports broken down by country or English region, and by functional category.

    Keywords: LonArt, regional, service, exports, industry