Current and upcoming work releases provide an overview of our work on a particular topic, theme or emerging trend. They bring together our plans and, where possible, provide insight into our next steps over the coming period. They will focus on what we are doing in the short-term covering the next 6 to 12 months.

This is an opportunity to share our plans with, and seek feedback from, stakeholders, partners and the general public. This could span ideas for statistics and analysis, identification of gaps in our work or offers of expertise or data to further develop our work.

If you are interested in providing feedback, please use the contact email provided on the specific release you wish to feedback about.

Our plans will align to five main themes:

  • economy - work focused on the labour market, global trade and investment, prices and inflation, national accounts and public sector finances
  • society - work focused on children, education, transport, welfare, well-being, security, crime, justice and housing
  • environment - work focused on the environment, climate and nature as well as natural resources
  • health - work focused on health and social care
  • population and migration - work focused on population and migration including the census

Some plans may apply to multiple themes if they identify an emerging trend or topic not already covered. Each plan details when it is due to be revised. Find them in the relevant topic area or view all currently published.