Each year we run a customer satisfaction survey to gather feedback on our performance over the last twelve months, to help us improve the quality of the outputs and service we provide. The survey provides an opportunity for you to tell us what matters most to you and to comment on:

  • the quality of our statistics and services

  • your level of trust in our statistics and anlyses

  • the extent to which our statistics and analyses influence your policies and decision making

  • your future needs for our statistics and analyses in relation to policy and decision making

  • how effectively we engage with you

  • your overall view of our performance

A sample of approximately 1,000 customers are selected to take part each year, from various sectors including central government, local government, academia, business, the voluntary sector and others.

We have now analysed the results and published a summary of the findings for 2014/15. Later in the year we will publish an updated response to the survey, setting out how we have responded to your feedback. We have also published each completed survey response in full, with only personal information removed. All responses are listed numerically. Any gaps in the sequencing indicates an incomplete response which was not included in the survey analysis and results.

You can find the questionnaires and results from last year's survey in the links section of this page.