To help us better understand your needs, we ran a survey to get feedback on your use of Annual Business Survey (ABS) statistics. The survey ran from June to August 2015.

We asked

How can we improve the Blue Book 2015?

You said

  • You wanted to be able to download Blue Book in PDF format again

  • Some of you wanted more clarity and a change in the structure of the Excel sheets

  • Some of you said the background information could explain what Blue Book is more clearly.

We did

  • Commit to reintroducing a PDF version of the bulletin in time for Blue Book 2016

  • Agree to make further changes to the format of the reference tables. In 2016 the data will be listed in verticle format to allow for more data while decreasing the number of tables. More historic data will also be included

  • Improve signposting to deliver a better user experience for Blue Book 2016, including clearer links to methodology articles and wider National Account issues/impacts

  • Continue to engage with users at regular stakeholder meetings to improve the Blue Book

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