ONS customer satisfaction survey results, 2015 to 2016

Each year ONS has run a customer satisfaction survey to invite feedback on our performance over the past year and help us improve our outputs and services. It also includes questions on:

  • The quality of our statistics and services

  • The extent to which our statistics and analyses influence your policies and/or decisions

  • How effectively we engage with you

This report provides a summary of findings for the 2015/16 survey. As previously, we will publish an updated response by the end of the year to set out how we have acted on the feedback we received.

We have considered this and previous years' surveys, other feedback, and the Bean Review into economic statistics and have decided to change the way we engage with stakeholders. As a result, this will be the final time that ONS conducts a feedback survey in this form.

For 2016 to 2017 we will engage with you on our business plan priorities in a range of ways. We would like you to have more opportunities to give timely feedback and also offer your views on our statistics and services in a more conversational format.