The Office for National Statistics (ONS) delivers statistics and analysis that are most relevant to our users and have the greatest impact for the public good, always with a focus on quality.

We respond to the pertinent issues of the day. Recent examples include statistics on the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine and analysis on the impact of the increased cost of living on different sections of society. Alongside this we deliver our suite of core statistics and insights to meet the priority needs of users – for example, on gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and the labour market as well as on the size of the population and how we live.

Our transformation agenda to make greater use of existing data sources wherever possible, is making us more agile to respond to new needs and more efficient in producing more timely and granular insights.

To enable the ONS to take on new activities and produce relevant insights, we review both our statistical development programme and our schedule of statistics and analysis. Following our most recent review in summer 2023, we will be slowing down or pausing some aspects of our development activity. For some publications, we will be changing the frequency or level of accompanying detail, while we will be pausing or ceasing a small number of our outputs.