1. Our vision

Our vision is to provide the best possible international migration statistics and insights.​ Using the most up-to-date and accurate data available, we will produce outputs that are relevant, coherent and timely​.

We are transforming the way we produce population and migration statistics. We are doing this to better meet our users' needs for a more timely and accurate understanding of the population to meet the biggest challenges facing society. Our aim is to transform the way we produce our statistics. We will build in flexibility to changes in data, technology, and policy development, underpinned by integration of the best available data sources.

The Centre for International Migration is continuing to work closely with colleagues across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to use all available data to draw earlier insights. This will result in more timely and accurate data for our users based on actual patterns of migration. We are also working closely with the devolved administrations to ensure comprehensive and coherent UK and country-level migration statistics.

We produce statistics on how many migrants are coming to and leaving the country. Additionally, we provide new insights on the impact and contribution of migrants while they are in the UK. We know that our users are also interested in how migration patterns are changing and what this means for society and the economy. This is especially relevant since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and our exit from the EU.

We also share our expertise internationally by helping steer the activities of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's migration statistics expert taskforces.

International migration statistics and insights

Our work spans the international migration topic area, including:

  • people migrating to and from the UK
  • the UK population by country of birth and nationality
  • new insights on the impact and contribution of international migration
  • reviewing how we define migration in our statistics
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2. Recent releases

Visa journeys and student outcomes (Latest release)
Article | Released 29 November 2021
New analysis on people coming to the UK and holding multiple visas over time. Focus on students coming to the UK and what they do next, alongside workers, and the route to UK citizenship.

International migration statistical design: progress report (Latest release)
Article | Released 26 November 2021
An update on the future of international migration statistics.

Population of the UK by country of birth and nationality: year ending June 2021 (Latest release)
Statistical bulletin | Released 25 November 2021
Latest population estimates for the UK by country of birth and nationality, covering the period from 2004 to the year ending June 2021.

Long-term international migration, provisional: year ending December 2020 (Latest release)
Statistical bulletin | Released 25 November 2021
Experimental statistics on UK international migration throughout 2020, including the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How we are improving population and migration statistics (Latest release)
Article | Released 15 November 2021
Find out more about our population and migration statistics transformation journey.

Measuring migration: the story behind the headlines (Latest release)
Article | Released 17 September 2021
In this interactive article, we use the latest data to answer questions about international migration and we also explain why measuring migration is harder than you might think.

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4. Contact us

We welcome feedback on our statistics and transformation plans. You can contact us by:

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