University textbook – 'Measuring the Economy'

Measuring the Economy, an online textbook, is a project aimed at second-year and third-year Economics undergraduates.

The chapters have been commissioned by the ONS with a range of economic experts as well as working with internal experts to fine tune the content. To accompany each chapter, we are also aiming to have additional resources to be used by lecturers as teaching tools, for example, lecture slides and exercises.

We aim to get the remaining chapters published at the end of 2021. We will regularly review the chapters to ensure that all information is relevant and up to date. We also plan to visit individual universities to deliver lectures and to create online video lectures as well as a seminar series of live lectures to ensure full coverage across UK universities.

A-Level ONS Guide to Social and Economic Research

The ONS Guide to Social and Economic Research was created in conjunction with the WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) and is now published as one of the teaching resources available for the advanced level Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. The Guide has been identified as helpful to other A-Level subjects as well, for example, Geography and Psychology, and have since been adopted as resources for these subjects within the WJEC.

School visits to teach the topics contained in the guidance have been arranged for local schools. We aim to create online videos, resources to enable a wider coverage and to help more schools across the UK.