You give us a set of questions that you want to ask the population. We do the rest, designing and testing the questionnaire, undertaking the data collection, cleaning the data and delivering you a dataset that can be used for data analysis. Our highly-skilled interviewers conduct interviews by telephone as part of our Opinions and Lifestyle Survey. They are capable of collecting high quality data from a wide variety of question types and topics.

We offer

  • 1,100 achieved sample size on average per month, of people aged 16 years and over living in private households in Great Britain.

  • Clear and transparent charging policy.

  • Complete flexibility – from 1 to 40 questions per module.

  • A wide selection of classificatory variables (data breakdowns) available, including geographical, social and employment characteristics.

  • Free expert advice to make sure you optimise your question design and analysis.

  • Monthly data collection for 8 out of 12 months (January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November).

You’ll receive

  • A respondent level, anonymised dataset including classificatory variables for each respondent.

  • A high-level survey report containing technical information, response rates, frequency counts and questionnaire documentation showing the routing and text for the client and classificatory variables.

  • An Excel file displaying the sampling errors and classificatory variables.


From April 2018, the Opinions and Lifestyles Survey will be drawn from the last wave of the Labour Force Survey (LFS) the largest regular household survey in the UK, and the local LFS boost. The sample will include all individuals who have consented to re-contact from us following successful completion of the LFS and the local LFS boost between April and December 2017.

Our methodology adheres to the Code of Practice for Statistics, and we produce a number of publications from the survey that are designated National Statistics. This sets us apart from random location, quota-based omnibus sampling approaches.

We have a proven track record in gaining insight for evidence-based development, monitoring and evaluation in:

  • education

  • health

  • economy and taxation

  • transport

  • food safety

  • science and technology

  • social mobility

  • social and criminal justice

What can I ask?

We have space for 30 minutes of client questions in each month the survey runs. Your questions can cover almost any topic and can be opinion- or fact-based. This service is particularly useful for:

  • establishing the level of support for policy

  • evaluating the effectiveness of awareness campaigns

  • establishing social and political attitudes

  • identifying the prevalence of certain behaviours

  • evaluating levels of service satisfaction

  • measuring consumption of goods or services

  • testing or piloting questions before they are used in larger-scale surveys