John Pullinger – National Statistician and Permanent Secretary

John is the UK's National Statistician, Head of the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and Chief Executive of the UK Statistics Authority. He provides overall leadership for Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the statistics profession across government. John advises ministers, the Cabinet Secretary and senior officials on the production, dissemination and use of statistics across government.

John is a former President of the Royal Statistical Society and a chartered statistician. He was previously Chair of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) and is a member of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data Board. John was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in the 2014 New Year’s Honours for services to Parliament and to the community.

Heather Savory – Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Data Capability

Heather is responsible for the capability of ONS, ensuring that everybody has the technology and skills to enable them to do their job effectively. She is leading the digital and workforce transformation to allow us to collect, securely store and analyse data from new sources. Heather champions openness and data sharing for the public good in ONS and beyond.

Heather has a strong commercial track record and extensive board and senior management experience in entrepreneurial and high-technology businesses, consulting and central government. Previously, Heather was Chair of the Open Data User Group (ODUG), and also a member of the Regulatory Board of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Iain Bell – Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Population and Public Policy

Iain has responsibility for ONS’s social and public policy statistics including crime, health, the environment, population and migration and ensuring these maximise benefits for all users from the citizen to the heart of government. His responsibilities include the Census and Data Collection Transformation Programme, which will deliver the 2021 Census, provide more population estimates on a routine basis and transform our data collection activities.

Prior to his role in ONS, Iain was the Chief Data Officer and Head of Profession for statistics in the Department for Education. Iain’s career in government statistics has spanned labour market, government finance, transport, justice, work, pensions and education statistics. Throughout his career he has specialised in exploiting the power of longitudinal, administrative data alongside surveys to improve decision-making.

Jonathan Athow – Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Economic Statistics

Jonathan is responsible for the production and transformation of economic statistics and analysis at ONS, as well as leadership across the wider GSS. This includes important statistics on the national accounts, inflation, trade, employment and unemployment, wages, productivity, and various other measures of the wealth of the UK.

Jonathan worked at HM Treasury for 14 years on a range of economic and policy issues, including changes to the tax and benefits system, NHS and social care, and the fiscal and macroeconomic policy framework. Jonathan was also Departmental Chief Economist at HM Revenue and Customs, supporting their policy partnership with the Treasury.

Darren Morgan – Interim Director of Economic Statistics Transformation

Darren is responsible for the delivery of the Economic Statistics Transformation Programme. The programme aims to use improved methods and new data sources to produce more detailed, accurate and timely economic statistics.

Darren has led the development and production of various economic outputs, such as gross domestic product, inflation and balance of payments.

Frankie Kay – Director of Transformation, Population and Public Policy

Frankie is responsible for transforming the collection and production of all population and public policy statistics, including migration, crime, health and the census.

Frankie joined the ONS in January 2010 as Head of IT Project Delivery. She has since held senior roles including Deputy Director of National Accounts Strategy and director for Economic Statistics Transformation.

Liz McKeown – Director of Public Policy Analysis

Liz leads the development of ONS public policy statistics. This includes migration and population change, public service efficiency, sustainability, health and social care, crime and inequalities.

Before joining ONS, Liz held senior roles in government, including Chief Economist at the Cabinet Office

Nick Bateson – Director of Finance

Nick leads the organisation in financial management, planning and performance, so that public money is safeguarded and used appropriately and efficiently.

Nick has over five years’ experience as a director, setting the strategy for and leading the delivery of a range of audit and assurance projects across central government, including the Whole of Government Accounts.

Nick Vaughan – Chief Economist and Director for National Accounts and Economic Statistics

Before joining ONS Nick worked for 15 years at HM Treasury on the labour market, international development, the Treasury macroeconomic model and headed the Economic Assessment Team from 2008 delivering the Budget economy forecast. His earlier career included roles with NIESR and UK Economist at Barclays Capital.

Owen Brace – Director of Communications and Policy

Owen leads the communications, digital publishing and policy teams to uphold the reputation of ONS and promote evidence-based policymaking and public debate.

Owen previously led communications teams at the Department for Work and Pensions and, before joining the Civil Service, worked for nearly 10 years as a journalist.

Pete Benton – Director of Population and Public Policy Operations

Pete leads delivery of our data collection operations, collecting vital information about the UK’s economy and society. Pete is also responsible for the delivery of Census 2021.

Pete has experience in data, major programme delivery and operations management. He has held several senior roles at ONS, including Interim Deputy National Statistician and Director of Data Collection.

Philippa Bonay – Director of People and Business Services

Philippa leads the People and Business Services directorate, which is responsible for human resources (HR), commercial and property.

Philippa has extensive experience across the whole HR remit, infrastructure, commercial and business services in both the private and public sectors.

Sarah Henry – Director of Methods, Data and Research

Sarah oversees the statistical methods and techniques that underpin our surveys and statistics. She ensures our statistics are of the highest possible quality, using the best mixture of data sources.

Sarah has a wealth of experience in analysis and statistical methods. She was previously Head of Intelligence and Performance at Manchester City Council.

Simon Sandford-Taylor – Director of Digital Services and Technology

Simon leads our Digital and Technology Services function. He is responsible for all of the systems, devices and technology that supports ONS.

Simon has held senior IT roles in both the public and private sector. His previous roles include Chief Technology Officer at the Intellectual Property Office and Group Applications Manager at Heath Lambert Group.

Tom Smith – Managing Director, Data Science Campus

Tom leads the Data Science Campus, a UK and international hub to gain practical advantage from the increased investment in data science capability.

With a background in physics, artificial intelligence and robotics, Tom has 20 years’ experience using data and analysis to improve public and community services. He is vice-chair of the Royal Statistical Society Official Statistics section.