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Please provide a weekly breakdown of deaths amongst educational staff in the UK who tested positive for Covid-19 - from your earliest up until your most recent date of recording.

Please could this be broken down by educational establishment (primary school, secondary school etc.) and also by role within that establishment. If you are able to provide additional information on ethnicity, age and gender, that would be very helpful.

I have looked through the 2020 data you have available here on 'Place of occurrence':, but I am requesting a more detailed breakdown of 'Other communal establishment'.

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Thank you for your request.

We are responsible for the production of mortality data in England and Wales, this is driven by information collected from the death certificates at death registration. National Records Scotland (NRS) and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) are responsible for statistics pertaining to Scotland and Northern Ireland. They can be contacted at and respectively.

Occupations are defined using the Standard Occupation Classification (SOC 2010). Definitions of all groups and individual occupations can be found via the following link:

In the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have produced the following publication: Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by occupation, England and Wales: deaths registered between 9 March and 25 May 2020. This publication provides an insight into deaths involving COVID-19 by different occupational groups.

There are numerous occupation codes attributed to teaching and educational professions:

  • Table 4 contains a breakdown of COVID-19 deaths by sub-major occupation groups by sex, teaching and educational professionals.
  • Table 5 contains minor occupation groups by sex, teaching and educational professionals.
  • Tables 8 and 9 contain COVID-19 deaths by individual occupation, sex and age. These tables include a further breakdown of teaching professions as you have requested.
  • Tables 10 and 11 detail COVID-19 deaths in specific occupations by self-reported broad ethnic groups. However, we do not have a breakdown for teaching professionals available.
  • Tables 16 -- 21 contains analysis focusing on England statistics.
  • Tables 22 -- 24 contains analysis focusing on Wales statistics.

We have not created analysis to aggregate the information further by geographical location and week due to risk of disclosure. Producing this data would produce small counts and therefore poses a disclosure risk. This is in line with our disclosure control policy: Policy on protecting confidentiality in tables of birth and death statistics.

In order to produce data following the months after May, or COVID-19 deaths by occupation and place of death, we would need to create bespoke analysis. Therefore, we do not hold this specific information.

If you would like to discuss these statistics further, please contact