You asked

In your report "Better Statistics for English Civil Parishes" of 2016 you explain that population counts for small civil parishes cannot be released under current legislation, because of the risk of identifying people.

The report also states that "The largest wholly unpopulated parish is 13 km 2 .", though it does not state which parish achieves this honour.

I conclude that there exist wholly unpopulated civil parishes in England, and I surmise that there are wholly unpopulated communities in Wales too.

Please could you supply a list of these unpopulated civil parishes and communities, as revealed in the 2011 census, since there is presumably no risk of identifying people in these cases.

We said

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding unpopulated civil parishes (England) and communities (Wales) revealed in the 2011 Census.

The largest wholly unpopulated parish referred to within the published Better Statistics for English Civil Parishes report is Tottington in the county of Norfolk. The author of this report has provided the attached Wholly unpopulated parishes or Lands Common 2013 (1.6 kB csv) file. We have also attached the Population Data Civil Parishes and Communities (463.1 kB xlsx) file. This provides the population data for all civil parishes and communities within England and Wales including those areas with a zero population count.

If you would like any further information relating to the Census, please feel free to contact and we will endeavour to help.