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Please make publicly available the non-seasonally adjusted price series below regional level which form part of the "UK House Price Index" for the last three years. Specifically, the methodology note states:

Local authorities, boroughs, counties and metropolitan areas

A 3-month moving average has been applied to estimates below the regional level to reduce volatility caused by low sales transactions in some local authorities and London boroughs. For example, at the local authority level, the published estimate for March is a simple average of the calculated estimates for January, February and March.

Volatility remains in estimates for local authorities with fewer transactions, such as Shetland Islands, Orkney, City of London and Na h-Eileanan. These series should be considered in the context of their long-term trend rather than focusing on their monthly movements.

A 3 month moving average is not applied for Northern Ireland estimates as they are only available on a quarterly

And therefore my request is for the sub-regional level price series to be made available. Ideally these series would be both the geometric average of those series and also the arithmetic average's if those were calculated too.

We said

​Thank you for your request.

The UK House Price Index sub-regional level price series is publicly available on the GOV.UK website via the following link:

The data at the link above uses the geometric average. We do not calculate arithmetic averages for sub-regional estimates, and therefore do not hold this data.

Please note, the data at the link above is for the April 2020 index. These data will be revised according to our publication schedule. When you require future estimates, please amend the month at the end of the link.