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Please could you provide me with the following information:

Confirm the number of actual or suspected suicide deaths in each of the last 10 years, amongst current or previous students enrolled at Bournemouth University.

Could you break these down by age, gender, nationality and family background of the deceased (single, separated, married, father etc). Also if they sought previous mental health support and if so what and when, and/or if they had any previous suicide attempts.

Also people state whether that person was a current student or not of the university.

We said

Many thanks for your recent request.

The information we hold on deaths is limited to what is recorded on the death certificate by a doctor or information about the cause and circumstances of the death provided by a coroner. We can provide the number of suicides per year by key variables such as age, sex, method and geographical area. Detailed information on the underlying factors such as family background, previous mental health support and previous suicide attempts is not generally available. Unfortunately, we do not hold information on suicides at a university level.