FOI REF: FOI-2023-1333

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In 2013 in response to a report from PASC, UKSA said: "The National Statistician’s office continues to collect data on resource requirements and plans for statistical work across Government. This remains useful in informing the Authority Board and the Committee for Official Statistics to enable ex post facto scrutiny of departments’ published plans for future statistical work and our independent reporting to Parliament where the Authority might have concerns, including through our published Statistical Expenditure Reports." Are these data still collected and are Statistical Expenditure Reports still published? If so, where are they published? Please publish all such information for all years since SERs were stopped.

We said

Thank you for your request.

We no longer publish Statistical Expenditure Reports (SERs). The series ran for two years between 2011 and 2013 with a total of 8 reports published. These are available via the following link: UKSA Publications: Statistical Expenditure Reports.

As production of SERs ceased in 2013, we ceased collecting the data that informed the reports and so do not hold any further information in scope of this request.