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Would you please be able to point be towards where I can find, or provide me with, the following:

Either the total number and/or the percentage of people in London and/or Inner London under the age of 18 for any or all (or perhaps just for census years) of the years from the 1990s to most recent.

We said

You can download our UK population estimates for mid-1991 to mid-2014 from the ONS website at:

The data is published down to local authority level and is available by single year of age and sex. Although estimates for London (Greater London) will be available in the published datasets we do not include Inner or Outer London in these files. If you wish to create estimates for these geographies you can use the published estimates along with a lookup file from the ONS GeoPortal. The link to this file is provided below:

For further queries about population statistics please contact us at or 01329 444661