You asked

Would you please have the details about the population of each London ward and the income per capita and mean income of each London ward, as well as the area (square km or square mile) for each ward?

We said

Population estimates for wards for 2013 are published on the ONS website (you will find the required data file SAPE15DT8 by clicking on the 'Reference Tables' link).

Area measurements for wards are published on the ONS website.

ONS does not publish ward level income figures per capita, however we have in the past published ward level mean household income estimates which may be of interest. Please note that the most recent small area household income estimates have not been at ward level but at middle layer super output area (MSOA). The last ward level small area income estimates published are for 2001/02, information on these estimates, and more recent estimates at MSOA level.

ONS does publish information on earnings, for example from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, and on real household disposable income per person, however these figures are not available at small area level.