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​The BBC have quoted that "ONS estimates the UK population is 4.6% LGBT". All I can find regarding this is a survey dating 2017 which give the figure of LGB as 2% and a further 0.6% signifying 'other' which of course, cannot be assessed.

I would be grateful if you could justify the 4.6% figure quoted by the BBC and give reasons why this is so much higher than your 2017 figure.

We said

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding the proportion of the population who identify as LGB and the BBC's use of a figure of 4.6%.

Our latest figures for sexual orientation estimate that in 2018, 2.2% of the UK population identified as LGB, with the "Other" figure remaining at 0.6%.

We do not know the source of the BBC figure and do not recognise it as one of ours. We have contacted the BBC for more information but have so far had no response. We would recommend contacting them to seek further information on this figure.

They can be contacted via email at

Alternatively, they can also be contacted via letter at the following address:

Information Rights, Room BC2 A4,
Broadcast Centre,
White City,
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