FOI Reference: FOI/2022/4135

You asked

Please supply the following information:
1) Percentage of people identify as LGB by ethnicity
2) Percentage of people identify as LGB by religion
3) Percentage of people identify as LGB by age

We said

Thank you for your request.

Information showing the percentage of people who identify as LGB by ethnic group and by age is available from the Annual Population Survey (APS) via the following link: Sexual Orientation 2020, UK

Because the APS is a sample survey, some subgroups have substantial confidence intervals. Guidance on the reliability of each estimate is provided on the "statistical robustness" data sheet. Please note that many of the estimates related to sexual orientation by ethnicity are considered unreliable for practical purposes.

Information on sexual orientation by religion is available from the APS datasets but it is not currently produced. This information is available to order from our Stakeholder Engagement Team in the Centre for Ageing and Demography. Please note, the limited size of some of the response groups mean we do not expect this information would be particularly reliable for practical purposes either. 

Such services are subject to legal frameworks, resources and agreement of costs. If you would like to request this bespoke dataset, please contact to discuss your enquiry further. Please note, there is likely to be a charge for this work subject to the charging policy. This approach is consistent with Section 21(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.