You asked

Please could you provide

(a) the amount paid to Stonewall per annum for the past three years as fees or fee-like payments for participation in any schemes of accreditation run by Stonewall or any subsidiary organisations of Stonewall, including but not limited to the 'Stonewall diversity champions' programme.

(b) copies of all documents submitted to Stonewall for its scrutiny or approval as part of taking part in any such schemes, for the last full year for which these are available.

(c) any correspondence between the ONS and Stonewall relating to conditions the ONS was expected to fulfil, including policies the ONS was advised it was required to change, in order to meet any standards set by Stonewall, since 1st January 2019.

We said

Thank you for your request.

Please find our response to your questions below:

A) ONS have paid a total of £3000 per annum in membership fees to Stonewall for the past three years, coming to £9000 in total.

B) The ONS last made a submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index during 2018. We do not hold a record of the submission due to staff changes since then.

C) The ONS does not hold any correspondence that relates to conditions the organisation was expected to fulfil or any policies the ONS was required to change to meet any standards.