You asked

I am trying to find data on dental practices in the UK but I did not find it on your information portal.

Looking for:

  1. Number of dentists in the UK

  2. Number of offices? Single or a combination of several dentists?

  3. What is the average size of a dental office? Example: 1 dentist for 2 auxiliaries

  4. Average annual remuneration of a dentist and costs (average balance sheet)

  5. Share of conservative and prosthetic care in the revenue/net sales

We said

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding dentists in the UK. We are able to help with Question 1 – The number of dentists in the UK. Dentists are classified to Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 8623 – dental practice activities. The number of businesses in the UK that were registered for VAT and/or PAYE in SIC 8623 at March 2015 were 11,810. Unfortunately we are unable to help with your other questions as we do not hold this information.