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How many more people than on 23 June 2016, will, as a result of attaining the age of eighteen, be on the electoral register at the end of March 2019 (disregarding deaths, of course, as they are unpredictable).

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There is currently no source of data available which provides information on the projected number of people who will, as a result of attaining the age of eighteen, be on the electoral register at the end of March 2019.

We published the most recent electoral statistics on 16 March 2017. These show the number of people registered to vote in parliamentary elections as recorded in the electoral registers on 1 December 2015 and 1 December 2016 including attainers (see Table 1 for the number of attainers in 2015 and 2016). The term ‘attainer’ is used to describe a person who has registered to vote before his or her eighteenth birthday and reaches 18 during the currency of the register (1 December to 30 November the following year). They are then entitled to vote at an election held on, or after, their eighteenth birthday. The number of attainers does not represent the total number of people in the age cohort as not all people register prior to reaching 18.

We also publish population estimates which show that on 30 June 2016 there were estimated to be 757,787 people aged 17 and a total population of people aged 18 and over of 51,767,543.

Our population projections show that we expect the population to grow in future if current trends (including births, deaths and migration) continue. These show that by 30 June 2019 we project the number of people aged 18 and over to be 52,775,081.

However, mid-year population estimates and population projections do not include British citizens living abroad who have registered to vote but they may include UK residents not entitled to vote such as non-British citizens.

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