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I would like to request census statistics on Nigerians living in the UK under the Freedom of Information Act.

It will be appreciated if the data can cover the earliest period available up until the present day estimate, and to reflect the age and sex classification of Nigerians living in the UK. Also, if there is data on Nigerians born in the UK, this will be appreciated as well. I will like to know the trend in the population increase of Nigerians in the UK.

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Following a review of the availability of information we are able to provide a series of tables on those recording Nigeria as their place of birth for successive censuses from 1951 to 2011. Although the broad picture of population change can be followed from census to census, each census has evolved to reflect and keep up with changes in society and therefore direct comparison is not always possible. For example, in this case special attention should be given to changes to the population base, variations in the classification of birthplaces and differences in publication arrangements. Please note it has not been possible to provide consistent and comparable information by age or for all parts of the United Kingdom.

If you require supplementary statistics for Scotland or Northern Ireland, the National Records of Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, who are responsible for the census in Scotland and Northern Ireland respectively, may be able to help.

A summary of the information provided in each census is outlined below.

1951 Census General Tables (part 1 and part 2) - table 33 provides basic information on birthplaces by sex in England and Wales for those born outside the United Kingdom, Islands of the British Seas and the Irish Republic.

1961 Census, Report on Birthplace and Nationality (part 1 and part 2) - table 2 covers birthplaces, nationalities and citizenships of residents of England and Wales born outside the British Isles.

1971 Census, Report on Country of Birth, Great Britain (part 1 and part 2) - table 3 gives details on country of birth and visitor status by sex and marital condition for England and Wales as well as Great Britain.

1981 Census, Report on Country of Birth, Great Britain (part 1 and part 2 ) - table 1 provides details on the country of birth by sex and marital status for the usually resident population in Great Britain as well as England and Wales.

1991 Census, Report on Ethnic Group and Country of Birth - table B sets out comprehensive information on birthplaces for persons, males and females by age and sex for Great Britain.

2001 Census - information from the series of Standard Tables provides details on birthplaces by sex and broad age groups for the usually resident population in England and Wales

2011 Census - Table DC2109EWr provides detailed breakdowns of country of birth by age and sex for all usual residents in England and Wales.

Further information from censuses for England and Wales during the period 1951 to 1981 can be found from our series of published reports. In addition, supplementary tables for the 1991, 2001 and 2011 censuses for England and Wales may be accessed from the nomis website or by contacting the Census Customer Services Team at It is not necessary to make a Freedom of Information request.