You asked

Please provide the number of motorcycles (two-wheeled motorised vehicles) stolen in:

  1. London, per year over the last ten years.
  2. All major cities in the UK, per year over the last ten years.
  3. Number of motorcycles owned in the UK, per year over the last ten years.

We said

Thank you for your request relating to the theft of motorcycles.

We do not hold any of the information you have requested.

In respect of the number of vehicles stolen, there are two sources of information: police recorded crime and the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). While official statistics on police recorded crime that we publish include specific categories for thefts of motor vehicles, these do not separately identify thefts of two-wheeled vehicles.

The Home Office may be able to assist you further with your request, they can be contacted via: It is also possible that individual police forces will hold more detailed information on thefts of two-wheeled vehicles and you may wish to contact them.

While it is possible to separately identify two-wheeled vehicles in CSEW estimates of vehicle-related theft, the CSEW surveys a sample of the population of England and Wales, and is not large enough to produce robust estimates for London and other cities.

However, we have published a table showing CSEW estimates of the number of incidents of motorcycle theft (including motorised scooters and mopeds) in England and Wales from 2012 to 2016, which may be of interest to you and is available here:

In addition, the Department of Transport produce motorcycle statistics tables. Specifically, table VEH0301 provides data on the number of licensed motorcycles in the United Kingdom and can be accessed here:

If you would like any information in the future, simply email us at and we will endeavour to help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.