You asked:

I was wondering if you could provide the following information please:

  1. how many British citizens got married abroad in 2016
  2. how many British citizens got married abroad in 2006
  3. how many British citizens got married abroad in 1996
  4. a country-by-country breakdown of these marriages, with complete figures for each country

We said:

The figures presented are estimates of UK nationals, resident in the UK, who travelled overseas to get married. The data are presented for 2006 and 2016. The data are not available for 1996; the earliest year for which the estimates are available is 2002.

There are no figures available for marriages of UK nationals resident outside the UK who got married overseas.

The information requested has been supplied using data collected by the International Passenger Survey. This is a continuous survey conducted at all major UK air, sea and tunnel ports and provides reliable estimates of the UK passenger traffic. These tables use data collected from UK residents on their arrival back in the UK. The data is collected from a sample of the UK passenger traffic and then weighted to provide estimates for the total UK passenger traffic. Estimates in these tables are based on small sample sizes and are therefore subject to a margin of uncertainty. They should therefore be treated with caution.

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