You asked

Could you provide me with any information, statistics etc. on the knife crime situation in the UK.

We said

Thank you for your request for information on knife crime.

We publish figures for selected police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the Offences involving the use of weapons: data tables. Tables 14 and 15 provide data back to the year ending March 2011.

Data regarding knife or sharp instrument offences recorded by the police are submitted to the Home Office via an additional special collection. This special collection includes the offences: homicide; attempted murder; threats to kill; assault with injury and assault with intent to cause serious harm; robbery; rape; and sexual assault. You can contact the Home Office, who may be able to provide further information, at this address:

You may also be interested in the latest quarterly publication on Crime Statistics which was published on 25th April. Please note that our publication covers England and Wales. Crime related statistics for Scotland are published by the Scottish Government. Information for Northern Ireland is published in the Northern Ireland Crime Survey.

If you have any crime-related queries in future, you can email and we will endeavour to help.