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You asked

I want to know how many pregnant women end up in ICU each year starting from the year 2015 to dec 2021 and how many resulting in deaths and discharges?

And then second chart or table split into vaccinated and unvaccinated pregnant women that end up in icu resulting in death and discharge?

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are responsible for producing mortality statistics by information collected from the death certificate at death registration.

Data quality of death certificates is dependent on the correct identification and registration of cause or causes of death by the medical practitioner.

If pregnancy was not a contributory factor to the death outlined by ICD-10 cause codes on the death certificate, it is not possible to confirm if a woman was pregnant at the time.  

Vaccination status is not recorded on the death certificate and can only be linked to mortality data through complex data linkage with NHS vaccination and test and trace data. We do not hold information showing deaths by vaccination status and if the person was pregnant.

We do hold hospital admission data which is presented by age and region, this is provided to us by NHS Digital. However, we do not hold the information by pregnancy status.

Our data on hospital episodes is obtained from the Hospital Episode Statistics published by NHS Digital with an approximately 3 month delay. Therefore, we use this data to determine pre-existing conditions and general health of individuals, but not to analyse recent hospitalisations.

NHS Digital may be better placed to answer your enquiry. They can be contacted via email at