You asked

Do changes in university tuition fees have any impact on the following inflation indices;

(a) CPI
(b) CPIH
(c) RPI

and if so, in each case, what is the weighting?

We said

Thank you for your request regarding university tuition fees.

Tuition fees for UK students are included in each of CPI, CPIH and RPI. Tuition fees for international students are included in CPI and CPIH but not RPI since the RPI is based on spending by UK households only, not spending by UK households and international visitors. The current weights from February 2017 are listed below.

CPI:13.64 parts per thousand of CPI (9.90 for UK & EU students + 3.74 for other international students)

CPIH:10.54 parts per thousand of CPIH (7.65 for UK & EU students + 2.89 for other international students)

RPI: 4.62 parts per thousand of RPI (UK students)

The weights information is published in the "Item indices" files available from the "Consumer price inflation item indices and price quotes" page of our website.