FOI Ref: FOI/2023/4859

You asked

With regards to the data included under "Household disposable income by age group", would it be possible to have an updated set of data as of 2022 please?

We said

​Thank you for your enquiry requesting an update to a previously published FOI "Household disposable income by age group" (Ref: FOI/2021/2702), to cover up to financial year ending 2022.

Please find the requested data in the associated download. As discussed, there have been some methodological updates since the original dataset was published in 2018, to include changing the principal data source from the Living Costs and Food Survey to the Household Finances Survey to improve sample size and data quality, and a move from household to individual unit of analysis.

The Household Income and Expenditure Analysis Team would be happy to discuss any further questions directly at