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Please provide the following information:

  • Employment to population ratios for part-time and full-time female employees divided by region between 1995-2017

  • The percentage/number of jobs worked close to the minimum wage for female employees (total part-time and full-time) separated by region for the same time period

Please split the requested data separately into part-time and full-time female employees by region.

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Thank you for your request.

Employment data for female employees by region can be found in the following link:

Tables 1 and 3 provide population as well as full and part-time employees by gender for each region and country of the UK.

Earnings data for the number of jobs working close to the minimum wage can be found in the table "Distribution of low-paid jobs by 10 pence bands" at the following link:

This table provides figures for all employees, by gender and age for the UK only.

Alternatively ONS publish estimates for those working below the minimum wage. This is provided by gender, age, industry, full-time and part-time employment and by region.

We can provide you with any additional breakdowns that are not presented in the above tables, however there will a charge for the time taken to create and quality assure any tables.

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