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Please provide the most recent statistics on those with British Turkish ethnic background living in the UK. This can include those who have migrated and/or who were born in the UK.

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Thank you for your request for information on the ethnicity of the UK population.

The latest estimates of people with Turkish ethnicity are available from the 2011 Census, QS211EW – Ethnic group (detailed) dataset. Once you’ve accessed this page, you will be prompted to select a geography and the ethnicity you want estimates for. You may need to select several subgroups dependent on the specific group you would like data for.

Please note that we do not produce estimates of the UK population by ethnicity annually.

We do produce estimates of the UK population by country of birth and nationality annually, where you’ll find estimates of the population born in Turkey, and Turkish citizens resident in the UK. The latest data are available in the Population of the UK by country of birth and nationality dataset, which was released on 30 November 2017 and covers the period from July 2016 to June 2017. They are derived from the Annual Population Survey (APS). The APS, which is the Labour Force Survey (LFS) plus various sample boosts, is a household survey, and so does not cover most people living in communal establishments, some NHS accommodation, or students living in halls of residence who have non-UK resident parents.

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