You asked

​​Please can you supply the statistics available on the proportion and number of vouchers for:

i) initial tests and ii) subsequent tests which have a) been despatched, b) confirmed as delivered and c) used

Please supply the information above under the Freedom of Information Act, respectively. If statistics relating to the despatch, delivery and use of vouchers are not yet available please explain your plans to monitor and publish such information in future.

We said

Thank you for your request. The following information is provided in full response and covers vouchers provided on the study between April 2020 and December 2020

1.)   Initial enrolment vouchers (1st Visit) @£50.00 per participant: 361,737

2.)   Subsequent visit vouchers @£25.00 per participant: 1,878,964

3.)   Total number of vouchers dispatched and confirmed as delivered: 2,240,701

4.)   Total number of vouchers that have been redeemed -- 1,617,341

5.)   Difference between figures on points 3 and 4 are unredeemed vouchers (623,360). Of these, 70,786 have now expired, so cannot be redeemed which leaves 552,574 as unredeemed but still within the expiry date

6.)   Vouchers can take up to 20 days to be issued which is why the numbers provided above are slightly lower than the total tests reported on the ONS website for the CIS Survey