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​I note large differences in Compensation of employees (plus other components) from Dec 2019 & June 2020 publication.

For example:

Compensation of employees London (2018)

£240 billion = Dec 2019 publication

£203 billion = June 2020 publication

Please provide updated tables to reflect changes published in June 2020 to all relevant tables and components as originally published in Dec 2019

June 2020

December 2019

We said

Thank you for your request.

The apparent discrepancy that you have noticed is due to a difference in the conceptual basis upon which each measure is founded.

The published data on gross domestic product (GDP) and gross value added (GVA) found in the Regional economic activity by gross domestic product, UK: 1998 to 2018 release published on 19 December 2019 allocate activity according to the workplace at which the activity takes place.

The published data on gross disposable household income (GDHI) found in the Regional gross disposable household income, UK: 1997 to 2018 release published on 4 June 2020 allocate activity according to the area of residence of the people carrying out the activity.

In the case of compensation of employees, this means that the salary of a person who works in London but lives in, say, Berkshire, will be allocated to London's GVA and GDP, but to the GDHI of the South East region of England. Because of the effect of commuting between regions we would not expect the two releases to match.