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Please provide by return all data referring to all cases following any COVID- 19 vaccines in UK of blood clots thrombosis thrombo embolic and blood platelet issues.

Please advise by each case the age of each person presenting with these issues and name, please the name of the vaccine per person affected .

Please also provide data re any people dying from the blood clots their age and the name of the vaccine.

Please confirm if these issues are all recorded in the Yellow card reports.

Please provide proof of the informed consent they were all given prior to the vaccinations and if they were shown the Yellow cards reports from the www gov uk.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

Deaths due to blood clots after receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine:

Unfortunately, we do not hold analysis showing the number of deaths from blood clots after having had the COVID-19 vaccine. However, we are currently developing our analytical plans with an intention to publish detailed vaccination statistics soon for England. Once we have finalised these plans a publication date will be announced on our Release Calendar.

Total number of deaths as a direct result of receiving the Covid-19 vaccination:

You can find the number of deaths involving adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination in table 12 of our Monthly Mortality Analysis dataset. There are currently 0 deaths registered with the aligning ICD codes for this. However, should this change, they will be updated in this table.

Yellow card reporting:

We do not hold information regarding the information that has been reported to Yellow Card. These statistics are produced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Therefore, we would recommend contacting them directly at for more information regarding this. They may also be able to provide information about any make of vaccines where blood clots may have been involved.