​FOI Reference: FOI/2021/3320

You asked

Can you please tell me how many people so far have died from vaccination, and how many have been injured via vaccination, preferably with a breakdown by vaccine type.

We said

​Thank you for your request.

You can find the number of deaths attributed to adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination in Table 12 of our Monthly Mortality Analysis dataset. Our statistics use the International Classifications of Diseases, Version 10 (ICD-10) to code causes of death. U12.9 covers deaths caused by an adverse effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This table shows that there are currently 13 deaths registered in England and Wales involving U12.9. 9 of these deaths had U12.9 as the underlying cause (due to U12.9). These figures cover deaths from March 2020 to November 2021. We'd like to note that these are deaths across all age groups since the rollout of the vaccination in December 2020 and there are no deaths registered under the age of 35.

Unfortunately, we do not hold data showing deaths by specific brand of vaccination. To fulfil this request, we would need use a high level of statistical skill, including complex data linkage to NHS data to create information. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Public Authorities are not obligated to create information in order to respond to requests. We therefore do not hold this data. For further information, please contact Health.Data@ons.gov.uk.

Data regarding adverse reactions are reported using the Yellow Card Scheme. Therefore, your query about vaccine injury would be better placed with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  They can be contacted on info@mhra.gov.uk.