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Please provide a list of all current and historic UK parliamentary constituencies, along with fields that allow you to associate a constituency with its predecessor and successor constituencies? I would like to produce a graph that allows users to associate historic statistics with current ones (and vice versa) that deals with boundary changes in a reasonable way.

We said

Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, we do not hold the requested data and we also do not maintain the types of links you have requested.

Boundaries for recent parliamentary boundaries are available to download for free from the ONS Open Geography Portal. These are available in a range of formats suitable for use in Geographic Information Sytems (GIS), with accompanying metadata. These may be of value to you.

We maintain and publish a database of geographic codes back to 2009 but I do not think this will provide the types of fields you will require to recast historic statistics. For further details on these products see the accompanying user guides or contact

We also note the existence of a more complete list of historic parliamentary constituencies on Wikipedia List of former United Kingdom Parliament constituencies but obviously cannot comment on its accuracy.

The conversion of statistics between historic boundaries is interesting but challenging. We are at early stages of a project to recast census data between historic boundaries and will publish more on this in due course.