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Title: Crime rate/Crime incidents
Time frame: Since 2004 to present
Territorial scope: United Kingdom
Request: Monthly

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Thank you for your enquiry relating to incidents of crime in the UK since 2004.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) only produce crime statistics for England and Wales, published each quarter and based on two sets of crime statistics: police recorded crime data and the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). These are available in the appendix tables accompanying our latest quarterly crime statistics publication, ‘Crime in England and Wales, year ending September 2015’, which was released on 21st January.

In particular, Appendix tables A1 and A2 provide the number of incidents of crime and the incidence rate per 1,000 adults, as estimated by the CSEW, for each of the main offence types, from the year ending December 1981. CSEW estimates are based on interviews carried out over a twelve-month period and monthly data are not available. Appendix table A4 shows police recorded crime by offence from the year ending March 2003:

The full statistical bulletin can be found here:

The Police Service of Northern Ireland publish recorded crime statistics for Northern Ireland. The Department for Justice, Northern Ireland publishes results from their own victimisation survey - the Northern Ireland Crime Survey.

The Scottish Government publish recorded crime statistics for Scotland and also results from their own victimisation survey - Scottish Crime and Justice Survey.

Please note however, figures for Scotland are not directly comparable to Northern Ireland, England and Wales due to differences in definitions and classifications of crime.