You asked

I would like to know how many children (0-19) have died from or associated with COVID-19 in the UK since March 2020. Of those children who died, how many had pre-existing medical conditions?

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are responsible for the production of mortality data for England and Wales, this is driven by information collected from the death certificate at death registration. National Records Scotland (NRS) and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) are responsible for statistics pertaining to Scotland and Northern Ireland. They can be contacted at and respectively.

The Deaths Registered Weekly in England and Wales publication shows deaths involving COVID-19 in five year age groups.

These are the summed totals for under 19 age groups from 3rd January 2020 to 7th May 2021.

Unfortunately, we would be unable to provide you with a breakdown of children in England and Wales with pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19. In order to fulfil this request, we would need to create a bespoke analysis or table. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Public Authorities are not obligated to create information in order to respond to requests. We therefore consider this to be information not held.

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