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Please provide a breakdown of Covid-19 deaths by standard NHS age banding. Total numbers please (by month if it is available), for example;

As at x date (most up-to-date data)

Age: 0-5; 0 deaths

Age 6-10; 0 deaths

Etc, etc.

Age: 80-90; 10 deaths

I would also like to ask why this analysis is not included in the standard ONS Dataset for Covid-19-related deaths and shared nationally for public view.

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.

In order to provide you with a dataset showing COVID-19 deaths by NHS age-bands, we would need to create bespoke analysis. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Public Authorities are not obligated to create information in order to respond to requests. We therefore consider this to be information not held.

We do not publish by NHS age-band, as we provide more granular data breakdowns of 5-year age-bands.

Within our Deaths Registered weekly publication datasets, we publish all-cause mortality and deaths involving COVID-19 by sex and 5-year age-groups by week. This dataset is updated every Tuesday.

Please see the following tables, which have been taken from the aforementioned publication:



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